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Store hours: By Appointment 360.746.5592

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Find us at 1594 W Badger Rd, Custer, Washington 98240. Looking forward to seeing you.

Burk Ridge Farms

Pasture-Based Multi-Generational Family Farm

Burk Ridge Farms is a pasture-based, multi-generational family farm in Lynden, Washington, owned by Michael and Devin Koenen, along with Devin’s parents, Vern and Joann Dykstra. We raise grass-fed/finished beef and pasture-raised pork on our 150 acre farm and can be seen working the land while raising our children (grandchildren) and lovingly tending to our cattle, pigs, goats, chickens, dogs, cats - and worms.

Learn about Pasture-Based Farming

Sustainable & Local

We are committed to sustainable farming practices and the challenge of raising healthy and nutrient-rich food in ways that are respectful to the local community, economy, soil, animals, neighbors and the natural ecosystems. We acknowledge the interconnectedness of food systems on our health, local economy, and the land. We strive to minimize the negative agricultural impact on these by using rotational grazing and foraging methods, organic and humane practices, with a focus on providing our products exclusively to local markets while supporting other farmers in doing the same.

Our Commitment To Our Local Community

Beef Lovers & Farmers

Over a decade ago Vern Dykstra, a long time Whatcom County farmer, was instructed by his doctor to eat 100% grass-fed beef to help control his cholesterol. Both he and JoAnn had always raised animals and grown much of their own food so it wasn’t too much of a stretch for Vern to decide to grow his own grass-fed beef. The real challenge for Vern, a true beef lover, was to learn the secrets behind raising grass-fed and finished beef without sacrificing flavor. Over the course of several seasons he discovered that it simply took a little longer, and a little more work, to raise the best-tasting beef. It was through his years of fine-tuning his production methods that the ideas behind Burk Ridge Farms superior grass-fed beef were developed.

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Athletes & Farmers

As a professional athlete, health and fitness is essential to Michael. As parents of three small children, he and his wife, and former college athlete, Devin are committed to healthy, organic and clean food for their family. When Michael discovered he was gluten intolerant he quickly changed his diet and also learned that his body tolerated 100% grass-fed/finished beef much better that grain-fed beef. With this realization they became even more committed to providing the very best food for their children, and their own health by growing it themselves. Their products are all natural, non-GMO pasture raised, and growth hormone free using only essential antibiotics and natural fertilizers–which is simply better than organic.

Why Grass-Fed Beef Is Healthy?


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Individual Cuts of Beef & Pork


All-Natural, 100% Grass-Fed & Grass-Finished Beef

We are committed to raising healthy natural meat for our local counties. By helping them make their products more available to the local community, we support local hard working farmers that produce jobs right here.

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