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Store hours: By Appointment, call 360.746.5592

Store hours: By Appointment 360.746.5592

We have fresh beef Ready Weekly.
Call to order custom cuts 360-746-5592. Or Call to Order USDA cuts. 
Find us at 1594 W Badger Rd, Custer, Washington 98240. Looking forward to seeing you.

Local & Natural

Pasture Based, Small Scale Farming

At Burk Ridge Farms we are committed to the health and well-being of our local community, the local economy, friends, neighbors and fellow farmers. We believe that pasture-based small-scale farming, using rotational and natural grazing methods, is good for healthy people, healthy animals and healthy land.

360statemap2Our Beef–Grown Here, For Here

Beyond growing and raising your own food, knowing and buying directly from farmers is the best way to get closer to your food and to the land that sustains you. When you know your farmer, you get to know exactly what is, or isn’t, in your food. You also see how they treat their land and their animals. You can then see how far your food has travelled and the earth’s resources that have been used to get it to your plate. These are the things we care about.

We are committed to raising healthy natural food for Whatcom County and supporting local hard working farmers that produce jobs right here, by helping them make their products more available to the local community.

We believe that supporting, buying and promoting locally grown food-from here, for here-helps everyone. For these reasons we believe that your local farmer should also be your grocer. We’d love to show you our farm sometime, (and eventually the store), so come on by.

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Individual Cuts of Beef & Pork


All-Natural, 100% Grass-Fed & Grass-Finished Beef

We are committed to raising healthy natural meat for our local counties. By helping them make their products more available to the local community, we support local hard working farmers that produce jobs right here.

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      1594 W Badger Rd
      Custer, Washington 98240
      Call Us 360-746-5592
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