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Store hours: By Appointment, call 360.746.5592

Store hours: By Appointment 360.746.5592

We have fresh beef Ready Weekly.
Call to order custom cuts 360-746-5592. Or Call to Order USDA cuts. 
Find us at 1594 W Badger Rd, Custer, Washington 98240. Looking forward to seeing you.

Rotational Grazing

We believe that pasture-based small-scale farming, using rotational and natural grazing methods, is good for healthy people, healthy animals and healthy land.

Minimized Agricultural Impact

  • Rotational grazing and foraging methods require fewer animals per acre and careful stewardship. This practice alone requires smaller farms, spread throughout a community, which minimizes negative environmental impact.
  • Rotation ensures that pastures are not over-grazed. Careful attention to the pastures includes: growing nutrient rich grasses with strong roots and maintaining rich soil filled with happy worms to improve the natural filtration of the soil and protect the watershed. All this while providing enough grass to feed the animals year-round.
  • The pasture plants receive the benefits of natural animal fertilization, grazing induced root-shed and natural coexistence of a multitude of herbaceous species within the pasture, promoting bountiful growth of multiple beneficial plant types.
  • Better-than-organic practices are used. We don't use herbicides, fungicides, insecticides, synthetic fertilizers or soil treatments. No chemicals or denatured fertilizers are carried into the watershed as a result of our farm.
  • Very minimal fuel (carbon footprint) is expended caring for the pasture-based process. Acres of healthy, bountiful pasture growth serves to sequester harmful carbon from the environment.
  • Our processing method uses our own on-farm slaughter USDA inspected mobile truck which minimizes animal stress and allows us to use a composting system that replicates the natural cycle, maintaining nutrients, returning them to the soil in a beneficial way.
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Individual Cuts of Beef & Pork


All-Natural, 100% Grass-Fed & Grass-Finished Beef

We are committed to raising healthy natural meat for our local counties. By helping them make their products more available to the local community, we support local hard working farmers that produce jobs right here.

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